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On this website, you can keep up to date on the latest fishing reports from our local lakes with input from not only me but other anglers as well!   There are no secrets with my fishing and with my input and that of other die hard anglers, the information you can get on this site is sure to make your day out on the water a more enjoyable experience!  Any photos or tips you may want to send to me are more than welcome and will be shared with others that view this site, just send them to Reel Fishing Adventures!  This year I am opening up the Fishing Report and Photo Album areas for anyone who wants to send in a report or pic, and from where ever!  I'd especially like to see some coastal reports or pictures as everyone always like to see those big salmon and the beautiful coastal scenery.  As well, if you have a story or adventure you'd like to share I'd love to post that on the site as well.  I feel it is extremely important to pass on our angling experiences to others in order to make them aware of the unbelievable sport that we have right in our own back yard.  With angling licenses on the decline in our Province it is imperative that we educate our "youngens" about angling and attempt to get them "hooked" into the sport.   A big thank you to all those who have been such dedicated followers of my site and please keep up the visits and pass on the address to your friends so they too can have a boo at what us anglers are all about, and maybe they can also share in our adventures in the great outdoors!